Match №26

The match № 26, matches for 5-8 places, eighth tournament day


January 31th, 2014, St. Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 300 spectators

Referees: Sergey Smirnov, Rashid Abusuev, Andrey Runov

Latvia: Varazinskis, Loginovs (Tidenbergs, 64), Barinovs, Vardanjans, Kirilins, Ikaunieks (Indrans, 45), Giļnichs (c), Shlampe (Knuts, 67), Klimashevichs, Gutkovskis (Svarups, 59), Mukins (Kazachoks, 59),

Head coach: Dainis Kazakevichs

Kazakhstan: Pavlov, Sartakov, Passichnik, Lunin, Islamkhan (c) (Uzdenov, 85), Zhukov (Dauletkhanov, 90), Murtazayev, Shmidt, Aslan, Filchakov (Allayarov, 79; Li, 88), Kuat

Head coach: Saulius Sirmelis

Goals: Passichnik (14), Murtazayev (30, 90), Ikaunieks (34)

Yellow cards: Passichnik (12), Kuat (36), Shmidt (42), Gutkovskis (50), Vardanjans (69), Kirilins (74)

Best players: Andrejs Kirilins, Roman Murtazaev


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After match comments

Head coach of team Latvia Dainis Kazakevichs:

– My comment will be short: victory was deserved. We tried to resist, tried to get us back, but we didn't succeed. The opponent had initiative, possessed the ball and overplayed us in first 30 minutes. By that time they got 2 goals advantage. And the most important moment to my mind, individual skills of Kazakhstan were higher than ours. It was the reason of their advantage. The second reason is tiredness. 5 matches in 9 days is a tough schedule. Before the tournament we had two weeks for preparation and it means that we are together for more than 3 weeks – of course there is some exhaustion. We didn't rotate the lineup and it is the result. Today we had the same lineup as in the match with Russia, and the main problem was the technics of play with the ball. The team possessing the ball spends less force, and it wasn't our team. We ran more trying to get the ball, everything is reasoned and the score reflects the game.

– First question: what had happened with number 10, is injury severe? Second: was the coming of №5 to the game successful? Is he guilty in the third conceded goal?

– Here comes the information from the hospital that there is nothing horrible with him. Let's hope it is really so. We will clear up this question by tomorrow. As for the second question, we planned to substitute a player for a taller and stronger one, in order to change the playing for upper passes. We had a hope for free kicks and if we could level the score there would have been penalty shoot-out. There was a mistake of him before the third conceded goal, but everybody has a right to mistake. By the way, first and second conceded goals were also the results of the mistakes in defense.

– You will meet Lithuania in next match. What are your aims for that game?

– It is difficult for me to think about it today. I can say for sure that both teams will fight for the victory. It is obvious, we are neighbors, it is a Derby. It won't matter for what place on the tournament we will fight. There will be two equal teams. We will do everything for the victory, in spite of the strong opponent we will show our best. It will be the fight of characters. 6th match for 10 days, that who has more strengths and better mental approach, who will score more than the opponent will certainly win. The match with Lithuania will be a small Final for us.

Head coach of team Kazakhstan Saulius Sirmelis:

– I'm never happy with the score 2:0 for us. It's the most dubious and most unpleasant. You think your team is leading and you are controlling the situation but then the opponent scores and you get nervous. I even invented the rule of five minutes. After you scored try not to let in within 5 minutes. You must calm down during this time. When you let in a goal the game takes quite a nervous course and the guys can lose concentrations and make a mistake and then let in again, and everything is in vain. Psychological advantage passes to the opponent. It's very dubious. And I'm glad we managed to get rid of this pressure after scoring the third goal. Though, we had so many moments today that the result could be decided far before the final whistle.

– Your first two goals were completely similar, just like twins: the first was not very strong but accurate high cross from the wing and the second was not very strong but accurate heading. Was it a trained combination or just a coincidence?

– Well, first goal was scored after a free kick. Of course, the Latvians brought the ball out of the scoring area but the players themselves still stayed there. So the ball came back and there was a goal. You are right, the high-cross was not very strong, though accurate: the ball passed over the goalkeeper and came exactly to our player who made himself accurate. And the second goal was similar, but it was scored after an attack "underway", and this was a trained combination. We had such moments in the second half as well, but we failed to realize them. We stoke empty woodwork but the ball wouldn't hit it. It's a pity. Meanwhile, we have moments and the forwards get to the point where the ball comes, so they only have to hit the goal, but this is sometimes difficult. We'll be working on it. The main thing is that we have moments.

– As you substituted Allayarov you told him at once that it was a tactical substitution. Is it important to explain the player why he is substituted?

– Indeed, I wanted to substitute him to set Latvia off tempo until they level the score. I substituted him not because he didn't manage with his task, I just needed to kill the clock. I think Allayarov played very well, and had there been penalty shootout we would have lacked him much. I had substituted Islamkhan by then and without Allayarov there would have been two penalty kickers less. But a young guy needs to be explained at once that he is substituted not because of his playing but because of the coach's consideration, so that he knew that he is worthy and has shown a good performance.

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