Match №28

The match № 28, matches for 5-8 places, eighth tournament day

ESTONIA – RUSSIA 0:3 (0:2)

January 31th, 2014, St. Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 1000 spectators

Referees: German Kravchenko, Konstantin Shalamberidze, Andrey Vereteshkin

Estonia: Alan, Avilov, Mets (Vihmann, 85), Lepistu (c) (Kauber, 49), Vaelja (Gussev, 46), Vashchuk, Ustaal (Marin, 46), Aloe (Pikk, 46), Tekko (Raudsepp, 46), Kukebal (Elhi, 46), Martynov

Head coach: Martin Reim

Russia: Leonov, Zuev (Karpov, 84), Tsveiba, Sharipov (Ovsyannikov, 79), Chkhapelia (Pantsyrev, 63), Mogilevets (c) (Yarmolitsky, 72), Bolov (Manzon, 57), Zakuskin, Zemskov, Kutin, Zuikov

Head coach: Nikolay Pisarev

Goals: Zemskov (14, 38), Tsveiba (57)

Yellow cards: Pikk (56), Mets (77), Zuikov (90)

Best players: Karol Mets, Albert Sharipov


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After match comments

Head coach of team Estonia Martin Reim:

– Team Russia was obviously better. Unfortunately we couldn't let the optimal squad on the pitch. Not all the players were able to play the game, so we had to form the starting squad of the reserve. But they failed to oppose the other team and we had to let the first team players to come for the second half. But it was perhaps too late, we were already losing 0:2. But it's inestimable experience for the future of these players.

– What happened to the injured players?

– I'm not sure yet. Mets has his nose damaged and the bleeding is difficult to stop. What for Lepistu, we'll wait till the swelling goes down to know whether the trauma is heavy or not. It looks like a twist.

– What playing is to be expected in the match against Belarus?

– It'll be the sixth game within ten days, so I'll try to let on the pitch those who haveplayed less, in order to decrease the risk of injuries. Our season starts in the beginning of March, and not everybody is able to get fit for a good playing. So we have to be careful with the young players.

– When number 4 was being treated and team Estonia played shorthanded they seized the initiative and pressed team Russia to its goal area. Have your guys strived to play for themselves and "that guy"?

– Yes, they did say the he could be treated alright and they could play for him. Our number 4 is one of the leaders. And the guys really played for him so that they ten could be holding the ball on the Russian part of the pitch for a long time.

Head coach of team Russia Nikolay Pisarev:

– We knew that team Estonia is a well-organized team. We saw them in Krasnodar in a qualification round when we met. We understood what we needed to break their tough defense. We have succeeded, that is why victory is deserved.

– You have Mikhail Likhachev, the head coach of Russian beach soccer national team, in you coaches' staff. How did he appear in this staff?

– My assistant Vladimir Scherbak was urgently taken to be a head coach of team Moscow on this tournament. I needed assistant and Likhachev was the only vacant person in the Department of FUR, so we have invited him. There is nothing extraordinary. We know each other for years and we have similar views on football. It is a certain experience for him and he helps us.

– For the whole first half you were prompting, complaining, shouting to Bolov... (Pisarev: ...but hadn't got through to him... ) How can you comment his playing today?

– Sometimes it happens: one can't feel the match. Like it's not your day today. He tried hard, did much for the team but unfortunately... Let's hope that his day will be the day of Final of Commonwealth Cup.

– Won't it press him morally?

– No, he spends a good tournament. It happens with forwards: there is a drive and you score each strike but today it's not on! I will repeat: let's hope he will catch his luck the day after tomorrow and he will do everything better.

– But, your first demand to Zemskov: "Common, start up!" transferred into the first goal. Second appeal – to the second goal. He was the person whom you have got through to?

– There are coincidences someday. Today it was such a coincidence and nothing more.

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