Match №29

The match № 29, match for 11 place, ninth tournament day

KYRGYZSTAN – TAJIKISTAN 1:1 (1:0), pen. 2:4

February 1st, 2014, St. Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 200 spectators

Referees: Roman Chernov, Andrey Bolotenkov, Aleksandr Shimarygin

Kyrgyzstan: Omorov, Kolbaev, Kozubaev (c), Sharsheev (Talantbekov, 70), Talgat (Iusupov, 82), Sagynbaev (Musabekov, 46), Talaibekov (Otkeev, 46), Karipov, Akhmataliev (Umarov, 78), Temirbaev (Zhyrgalbek, 46), Naidenov

Head coach: Anarbek Ormombekov

Tajikistan: Gadoyboyev, Beknazarov, Sharipov A. (c), Asimov, Rustamov (Rakhmatov, 65), Sharipov F., Ergashev (Tursunov, 79), Saidhoni (Juraboev, 46), Said, Jalilov, Rakhmonov

Head coach: Mahmajon Habibulloev

Goals: Akhmataliev (22), Rakhmonov (50, pen.)

Penalty shoot-out: 1:0 Musabekov, 1:1 Rakhmonov, 1:1 Zhyrgalbek (keeper), 1:2 Juraboev, 2:2 Umarov, 2:3 Rakhmatov, 2:3 Kolbaev (crossbar), 2:4 Tursunov

Yellow cards: Karipov (35), Sharipov (74)

Best players: Manas Karipov, Hurshed Beknazarov


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After match comments

Head coach of team Kyrgyzstan Anarbek Ormombekov:

– What can I say? It's the 5th game. It's hard in every respect. Today in the first half I was satisfied with the actions of my players, the second was much worse. At first they let in, and then they had many unrealized moments. Well, and any specialist would tell you that penalty shootout is a lottery.

– Comparing with the first match between these teams, your guys increased their performance much; however, you've lost this match. What's the reason?

– To my mind, the main reason is the hurry. We do everything well, switching from defense to attack, making combinations, but when it comes to the final strike we start to hurry. We need more composure. I'm always saying to my players that the final strike is very important.

– For this year Commonwealth Cup for your team is over. Can you give a preliminary summary to your performance?

– I've told already that this tournament is very important for us. We have the Asian games ahead, and the Commonwealth Cup is a stage of training. We've set a tack for our players to qualify the group. And we were heading towards the aim up to a certain moment. We played quite well, I think, even in the match against Ukraine that I consider the leader along with team Russia. But when they failed to accomplish the task, the motivation was over. After the great defeat from Moscow both coaches and players needed time to recover. That's why I put younger players on the pitch today in the first half, and they played surprisingly well. And however, in spite of the last place we've taken on the tournament, we'll be glad to come here next year. We like the teams and the organization. Everything is on such a high level. We have all the amenities, the training base, statistics and video recording. We've got all the conditions for a normal work.

Head coach of team Tajikistan Mahmajon Habibuloev:

– I totally agree with my colleague – 5 games for such a short period, it is a hard job for players. Anyway, I want to thank my squad for they had enough strength to finish this tournament dignified. It is only 11th place but we are leaving in a good mood. Also I want to thank our fans who have been supporting us all the time.

– Your team today has played not very confident. There were big gaps in defense, especially on the right wing. How can you explain it?

– I can explain it with a big tiredness. But it was surprise for me that my players could find strengths for the second half. It was really hard to psych up the team for this match, in spite of the fact it was an "Asian Derby". We had a good tuning for the match with Ukraine and Estonia, but today we have lacked something. One more problem: conceding a goal makes everybody psych down, as if the match had ended. As the result, there is much to work with in moral aspects.

– Can you note some of your players as the candidates for the main national team of your country?

– I can't say candidates, but some of my players have already had experience of participating in the main national team: five men including our captain. There are new candidates, for sure. Football Federation of Tajikistan and the head coach of the main national team pay much attention to us; the head coach has come to the tournament with us.

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