Match №30

The match № 30, matches for 9th place, ninth tournament day

MOSCOW – MOLDOVA 2:1 (1:0)

February 1st, 2014, St. Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 200 spectators

Referees: Vasily Miroshnichenko, Aleksey Alekseyev, Aleksey Krokhin

Moscow: Shafinsky, Kuftin, Tsybikov (Ivaschenko, 58), Daniluk, Burnash (Mamonov, 70), Polyakov (c), Zaerko (Sokolov, 62), Sinavsky (Kurzenev, 56), Sutormin (Dubchak, 61), Ajiev (Merejko, 56), Hartiyady

Head coach: Vladimir Scherbak

Moldova: Avram (Buga, 46), Graur, Bogdan (Modirca, 87), Jardan, Rata, Anton, Carp (c), Zlatan (Ursu, 46), Dima (Spataru, 72), Mirza, Lisa (Tiron, 46),

Head coach: Alexandr Kurteian

Goals: Polyakov (5), Tiron (58), Kurzenev (90, pen.)

Yellow cards: Mirza (14), Burnash (28), Bogdan (33), Polyakov (55), Tiron (90)

Best players: Yury Shafinsky, Catalin Carp


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After match comments

Head coach of team Moscow Vladimir Scherbak:

– I know well the team of Alexandr Kurteian. They are excellently fit and they have sucked much of our blood. I keep in mind Russian youth team, so I knew what was to be expected. The game was quite interesting for us and for the spectators. What a shame that it was for the 9th place. I think our playing quality deserved much more. And the score doesn't correspond to the game, for the fairest result would have been a draw.

– When your team was leading your guys seemed to be sticking for the score which was convenient for them and not going forward to increase the gap.

– That's not right. The tournament is challenging, the games follow with one day of break. But we were not trying to stick to the score, we just played as the opponent allowed. And the opponent played well, as I've said. But my mistake was missing the time for substitutions which could have prevented us from the rude mistakes on the pitch team Moldova provoked us for. And we substituted not those playing bad but those tired and unable to oppose. But we substituted them on the wrong time and missed a goal. There was no instruction to be sticking to the score, and none of the teams was.

– Now as you can look at your tournament way and promoting in the grid, do you wish you had changed the way you prepared for the Commonwealth Cup?

– We hardly could have changed anything in principal. I can only say thank you to the clubs Lokomotiv-2, Strogino and Dinamo, Moscow in the person of Guram Ajoev for their cooperation in gathering the team. And though the short term we had for training can be analyzed there is hardly anything that we could change.

Head coach of team Moldova Alexandr Kurteian:

– I liked this match and I liked defense of Moscow. It is a well-organized, fast and playing team. I have hoped for the match to be interesting and I wasn't wrong. For my team: we played first half not so good; second was better in offense. We didn't deserve defeat, to my mind. But there are always the winner and the loser. It is very important for me that on this tournament and thanks to this tournament we can make a different team performance. We have learned a different style of playing: better possession of the ball, coming out of pressing, shifting the ways of attack. It was the main aim for this tournament.

– Conceded goal was a mistake of the goalkeeper or it was a high individual skill of the forward?

– I always say that any goal is the result of individual skills of forward.

– I had an impression that the goalkeeper just took off his hands thinking the ball was missing the woodwork.

– It was a good goal. The strike was unexpected but well performed. Probably the goalkeeper has lost his position, but the goal was beautiful.

– So, why have you substituted the goalkeeper after the break?

– We have three goalkeepers in our staff here and I wanted to watch all of them in the game. Two of them have already played and this boy didn't have a chance. I let him to the pitch for the whole half to watch him in a fight.

– And what is your impression about him?

– I'm satisfied. I like goalkeepers who live on their place. They talk to partners, direct defense line and prompt.

– If you had a chance to change something in preparation of team Moldova to this tournament, what would you change?

– I wouldn't change anything. Moreover, there was no possibility to change anything. I have not so big range of players, so I wouldn't change anything.

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