Match №31

The match № 31, match for 7th place, tenth tournament day


February 2nd, 2014, St. Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 200 spectators

Referees: Roman Galimov, Andrey Vereteshkin, Dmitry Zhvakin

Lithuania: Gertmonas, Raziunas, Pangonis, Krasnovskis, Armanavichius, Girdvainis (c), Petravicius (Narbutas, 90), Upstas (Skripkinas, 46; Gedminas, 71), Salamanavichus, Norvilas (Baranauskas, 89), Vilkaitis

Head coach: Arminas Norbekovas

Latvia: Varazinskis, Loginovs, Barinovs, Flaksis, Vardanjans (Ikaunieks, 66), Kazachoks, Kirilins, Giļnichs (c), Shlampe, Mukins, Tidenbergs (Indrans, 81)

Head coach: Dainis Kazakevichs

Goal: Salamanavichus (63)

Yellow cards: Shlampe (31), Loginovs (56), Barinovs (57), Armanavichius (71), Norvilas (73), Krasnovskis (79), Kirilins (79)

Best players: Tomas Salamanavichus, Vladimirs Mukins


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After match comments


Head coach of team Lithuania Arminas Norbekovas:

– I thank team Latvia for a good game. I think we have improved a little. And I'd like to note that two goals out of the three scored in the last three matches were winning for us. So, all our goals are as precious as gold dust. If we don't score we just won't win. The tournament in a whole showed us who is able for what in our team and who can keep on with us. We faced some difficulties during the competition, and a special note should be given to our matches against Russia and Estonia when we played shorthanded. That was when my players got a character. You see, only three men from our team have played on such a level before. So I'm satisfied with my players and with this victory. Now our 12-hours trip home will be in the high mood.

– Today there wasn't one of your leaders, Stankevichius. Have the guys succeeded in playing without him?

– Simonas is a very bright and gifted player. Losing him is always hard for us. I'd say we have no equal substitution for him so far. But the guys showed their best today, they were striving and fighting. So, in a sense they managed to cover the position of Stankevichius.

– You have made a returned substitution in this game. What was the purpose of it?

– Do you mean Skripkinas? He was injured, so he played only 20 minutes. And Upstas was changed because I saw he was tired already. He couldn't overtake his opponents and started fouling.

Head coach of team Latvia Dainis Kazakevichs:

– It is clear that we are disappointed with defeat. In general, we played not bad, had scoring moments. I can't say that there was an advantage of one or another team, but our problem is, not for the first time, that we can't score a goal. I think that our team is well-organized in defense, we act rather well in the center of the pitch, but our attack must be improved. We lack individual skills and quality of realization in this line. In spite of today's defeat and not so good performance of the team in the second part of the tournament, I'm satisfied with actions of several players and team in general. We have played on equal levels with all our opponents. Till the very last match and the last minute of each of them players were getting excitement of the game, and that is the most important moment. I have no indifferent players in my team and that is why I want to thank all of our staff for the work on Commonwealth Cup. And also, one more "thank you" for Arminas Norbekovas for today's game.

– Has the feeling of Derby passed to your players? They got many yellow cards.

– I can't say that we got many cards or outstood with it comparing to the opponents. There was a real mans' fight on the pitch: tough, but without rudeness. It is a very spectacular football for audience and I prefer this kind of football and my colleague will agree with me, I think. We are familiar with team Lithuania for years: we are friends with many of them out of the pitch, but in the game emotions seize everyone. It was a match with a good aggression: both teams wanted to win, but there were no tricks and meanness. The more number of such games we will have, the greater improve our players will obtain.

– There was an impression that the goal was about to come. Weren't you late with substitution?

– I can't agree with you that goal was about to come. The game was box to box at that moment. We played without forwards this match: one of them missed the match because of the suspension, and the second, Svarups, was taken to the hospital with emergency yesterday. He has some problem with nephros. That was the reason I have changed them to midfielders before the match hoping to improve attack. As for substitution, I have planned to make it later, but conceded goal made me demand it earlier.


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