Match №32

The match № 31, match for 5th place, tenth tournament day


February 2nd, 2014, St. Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 400 spectators

Referees: Vladimir Moskalev, Yegor Bolkhovitin, Ivan Kasyankov

St. Petersburg: Sizko, Krivulkin, Deyneko, Umarov, Efimov (Lyisenkov, 35), Panfilov (c), Ivanov A., Lyasovy (Zakarlyuka, 42), Bogayev (Zolotarenko, 46; Mironov, 62), Guschin, Smirnov (Pankov, 34)

Head coach: Boris Rapoport

Kazakhstan: Pavlov, Sartakov, Passichnik, Lunin, Islamkhan (c) (Allayarov, 79), Zhukov, Murtazayev (Uzdenov, 89), Shmidt, Aslan, Filchakov (Li, 65), Talasbayev

Head coach: Saulius Sirmelis

Goals: Filchakov (26, 31), Murtazayev (85)

Yellow cards: Mironov (71), Aslan (84)

Best players: Artem Deyneko, Georgy Zhukov


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After match comments

Head coach of team St. Petersburg Boris Rapoport:

– I watched team Kazakhstan and I think they must have taken a higher place. It's a good team, physically strong, they play smart football. And we just lacked forces to oppose this team. However, I think we showed a worthy game. We earned a more convenient score. The figures on the scoreboard don't quite reflect the real result of the match. We also had moments; we just failed to realize them. And we've got problems with the lineup today. We lost two key players, I think. And then we had injuries in the course of the game, including Zolotarenko who came for substitution and needed changing himself. Yet, the guys got an inestimable experience.

– You've mentioned the poor realization. How can it be improved?

– This must be trained. Sometimes players don't want to strike the goal from two or three metres when they are training. Say, anyone would strike on target from such a distance. But if you have no practice of kicking on target at trainings and warming ups this will reflect in the game as lack of realization.

– Today there were two spectacular players in your team: Roman Krivulkin and Alexey Panfilov. Only they two were fighting, working, set for the game and for the victory. Why did the others have no glint in their eyes?

– Roman has done well! He was the best on Valentin Granatkin Memorial, he works really hard, and at that he is of the 1996 y.o.b. – very young. But he fights and plays, for he needs it. Alexey Panfilov is the same. Whatever happens, he plays to the end, and he leads. What for the others, I speak to them before the match and in the changing room during the interval. But they seem to lack this strain. And if they don't find it in themselves they will stay cuddle toys, as I put it. Football players without character have no future. Look at the number 9 of Kazakhstan. He was leading during the whole game. He is a real leader and he asked to be substituted when he realized he was not able to play on that level any more, that he was going to be a drag for his team. (Head coach of the team Kazakhstan Saulius Sirmelis: He has his tibio-tarsic hurt and he had been rendered anaesthetic. He asked himself to let him play as long as he could.) And what do we have? Only four players who plays for the youth teams of the Premier League. The rest plays in the city championship. They have no chance to gain such experience and this tournament is of great help for them.

Head coach of team Kazakhstan Saulius Sirmelis:

– Physical conditions are not so important in the last match. We didn't have a possibility to rotate lineup, so motivation has become the most important moment. Our players have a bit more individual skills than our opponents and we could play this match on skill level. I'm talking about midfielders and forward especially. I must underline that we gathered the team in 10 days before the tournament and haven't play with this staff a match. We had many problems, but match by match we formed our links and schemes and showed rather presentable football. We have lacked only 1 goal on the group stage to fight for the higher places. On the other hand this tournament let us watch the team from a different side.

– Your team had at least 5 scoring moments in first 20 minutes of the match, but players failed to score. What was the problem?

– As my colleague has already said, if you don't score on trainings you won't score in the game. There are no obstacles on trainings but in the game everything is different: defenders block the ball, goalkeeper is on duty and it is more difficult to score. But if you are obtaining the skill to score on trainings you will score in the games.

– During the match, when the score was 2:0, you said to your team that it was still 0:0 for them. What have you meant and what score is comfortable for you?

– I have already told that I don't like the score 2:0. If the opponent comes back to the game he will have the moral advantage and we won't. Moreover, we needed to throw away all thoughts that we were winning, in order to not relax and be not arrogant. That is why I always ask my players to forget about score. As for the comfortable score for me... 3:0 is enough comfortable.

– Your colleague gave a good estimation for Bauyrzhan Islamkhan. I liked his linkage with Georgy Zhukov. Do you agree that they are a good played pair and will you keep them together in future?

– I agree with you, Islamkhan is a very good player – a real captain. During the tournament they have made good links with Zhukov. It is a really good linkage and it will be nice to keep it. We have players of 92nd y.o.b for this team who haven't come here and I need to watch their conditions. It would be pity if we can't keep this played pair of players, but not everything depends on me. If the players of 92nd y.o.b. are better they will play. But these guys have some time. Though, it is a difficult period for them: Bauyrzhan needs to prove his skills in FC Kayrat. There is also a competitor for him of 92nd y.o.b. Well... Let's see, if we can keep them both – we will do it for sure.

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