Match №33

The match № 33, match for 3rd place, tenth tournament day


February 2nd, 2014, St. Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 600 spectators

Referees: Aleksey Sukhoy, Nikolay Yeremin, Dmitry Safyan

Belarus: Vasiliuchak, Klapotski, Karpovich, Shastsilouski, Shramchanka (Zuk, 89), Savitski (c), Kavaliou (Нurenko, 75), Sokal (Kaplenka, 46), Yanchanka (NAzarenko, 57), Yablonskiy (Pazniak, 46), Yelezaranka (Zalesky, 66)

Head coach: Ihar Kavalevich

Estonia: Alan, Elhi, Avilov (Mets, 46), Pikk, Marin (Martynov, 68), Raudsepp (c), Kauber, Gussev (Vaelja, 72), Ustaal, Kirss (Ustaal, 80), Vihmann

Head coach: Martin Reim

Goals: Klapotski (60, pen.), Nazarenko (87)

Yellow cards: Raudsepp (21), Yanchanka (55), Marin (61)

Best players: Siarhei Karpovich, Andreas Raudsepp


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After match comments

Head coach of team Belarus Ihar Kavalevich:

– I think Estonia and Belarus deserved being participants of this mini-final. The opponent has a very strong and educated team, coach's hand shows. This was a match of two equal opponents who worth each other. There were sharp moments at both our woodwork and Estonian. Our goalkeeper saved us. I'm grateful to my guys for their standing the whole tournament, for it was very hard: 6 games in 9 days. But, you know, team St. Petersburg assisted us much today by their big defeat to Kazakhstan. I told my guys: "You shouldn't tune for this game as team St. Petersburg had!" I believe I found the right words for my players. One more thing, our problem on this tournament is losing two nominal forwards who were successfully substituted by Shramchanka. I had something to blame him for in the beginning of the competitions but he improved and as you see he became one of the best. I had only 15-16 players under my command by the end of the tournament, and substitutions couldn't make the team much stronger. I could only freshen the game and give rest to the tired players.

– Many coaches and you as well note the showing tiredness of the players because of the hard schedule. But you have Savitski whom you almost didn't substitute and he runs like a deer. What's the secret?

– You're right, I substituted him only in the end of some previous matches when the result was already set. I'll tell you to your question: Pavel had grown over the level of Belarusian football long ago. In his 19 years old. he is the sole leader in his club – Neman Grodno. In the very beginning of the tournament as we've just met I didn't like his style of playing. He was playing for himself. But the captain's band made him disciplined and Pavel became very useful for us, he started playing for the team.

Head coach of team Estonia Martin Reim:

– I congratulate team Belarus with victory in the match and with the third place on the tournament. For sure, now I have not so nice feelings and emotions are still high after the match. We have a pair of inexperienced defenders in the first half, it could be seen that they are not ready for such level of matches. That is why our opponent had some advantage and several sharp moments. In the second half I let in our main defender Karol Mets, but unfortunately it was his area where referee had checked foul and pointed the penalty kick. The missing of Karol Mets in the first half was a risk to my mind, but I needed to let him rest and recover; in a month he will play in qualification round in Denmark and also I had to give some practice for inexperienced players. If there is no playing time for them here, where will they find practice?

– You have already explained reasons of missing Mets, and what had happened with another your experienced player – Lepistu?

– He was injured in the previous match with Russia, some troubles with the leg. He is in Tallinn already. He had made x-ray but the severity of his injury hasn't defined yet.

– Many times in the first half your players passed back to the goalkeeper. Wasn't it risky?

– For sure, it was risky for some reasons. But it is better to pass to your goalkeeper than strike it forward without confidence that your partner will get it. I think goalkeeper can and must play libero. It is a demand of modern football. Also, today I asked my players not to over-expose the ball on the wings, to go to center and opponent's goal area more often. If you don't bring balls there you can't score goals.

– Fourth place on Commonwealth Cup is a success for Estonian football. Does it mean that forthcoming qualification matches between Russia and Estonia do not have favorite?

– These matches will be held in March and May this year. We have some time to prepare for them. I think 6-7 players from this team will be called for qualification. We will try to give a fight. The main moment in qualification: you don't have the right for mistake. We will fight till the end.

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